About this site:

This site was created to serve as a resource for refugees who have been resettled in Southern Idaho, as well as their employers, or those considering hiring refugees in the future.

Resettlement poses its challenges, but there are resources available to help. In addition to offering shortcuts to some sources of  support, this site also offers leads on information regarding  refugee resettlement in Southern Idaho, including cultural briefs of the primary ethnic groups to be resettled here.

Refugee workers are an important assets to the workforce. They bring skills, resourcefulness, a strong desire to work and an appreciation of the opportunities this country offers. This site is intended to help ease the transition into work in the United States for refugees and those who hire them. It contains information that may be useful to:

o Refugees Workers in Idaho

o Human resources and training staff

o Workplace Managers

o Workforce Trainers

o Local Agencies that Serve the Refugee Community

o Those Interested in Advocacy / Getting Involved

-Some materials and design elements were graciously provided by:

Minnesota Mainstream Training Project (CVT)

717 East River Rd., Minneapolis, MN 55455

(612) 436-4800        http://www.cvt.org/         Thank you!

(site created by Alex King as an independent study project for Boise State University (alexanderking@u.boisestate.edu)


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